Heaven – [Chase Alex]

Nearly a year ago to date, Chicago talent Chase Alex made his debut on our pages with the anthemic¬†“Bad B***h Blues.” Offering an earworm sound both bright and endlessly catchy, the song was immediately thrown into my personal rotation, and I’ve kept an eye on Alex’s output since. Today, the man himself returns to our pages with a brand new song and video by the name of “Heaven.”

Building on the potential that so clearly cut through “Bad B***h Blues,” “Heaven” jumps toward production that feels more rooted in electronic music or even hyperpop than it does hip-hop. Between the sounds that producer ANDREWGOESTOHELL uses, along with the electronic-induced way that the beat builds and releases, Alex meshes the two worlds of sound with seamless charm, offering a breath-of-fresh-air sound and flow in the process. Add this to Alex’s most compelling display of songwriting to date, and “Heaven” separates itself as the kind of release meant to be played loud and often, especially as we head into the warmer months of the spring.

In my eyes, genre-blending sounds like this one are the future, and Chase Alex is setting a clear edge for himself as he explores such territory. “Heaven” couldn’t be more exciting in a sonic sense, but it’s equally important to note the well-executed visuals here (courtesy of Maximilian Kelly), which build out Alex’s world in a bright and exciting way.

The direction of “Heaven” feels like something special to be apart of, so be sure to tune in below. Chase Alex did his thing once again.

Video by Maximilian Kelly