Heartless – [Quail P]

As most of you all know by now, I love finding new artists who have a promising and solidified foundation in music already, just because I know that this early foundation is a pivotal stepping stone in the right direction for their career to flourish. While I’m put onto so many new artists daily, when I am told about someone from a homie who is genuinely excited and hopeful for an artist’s future, I need to listen in and make sure I don’t miss out on any of their music moving forward.

Earlier today, Quail P was put onto my radar thanks to a friend, and after finding out that he’s a newcomer in the Florida rap scene, I was instantly intrigued. This southern hub for hip-hop music is one of my favorite places right now because there is always someone new making a name for themselves, and Quail not only fits into this scene nicely, but he stands out just as much. His southern drawl only accentuates the melodic tones in his voice, and from the early listens I’ve had with regards to his music, I can tell he has all the makings to be a star.

The Mikey Rare-directed music video just released earlier today for his Yung Hydro Beatz-produced track “Heartless” and putting a face to the name in an amazing video such as this is always a plus in my opinion. With some casual guitar riffs combined with tapping percussion and thumping drums in the instrumental, this is a fairly simplistic yet impressive foundation for Quail to do his thing.

The hook is absolutely infectious considering he rotates between quick lines and stretched out notes, causing his lyrics to stay in your head for long after the song comes to a close. He continues this tuneful delivery into his verse, making listeners realize that he’s a multifaceted talent who deserves a moment in the spotlight, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us moving forward. “Heartless” might’ve been my introduction to the Florida hip-hop up-and-comer, but it definitely won’t be my last time tuning in, so get familiar with Quail P below as soon as you get the chance.