Heartbroken I’m Lonely! – [BEAR1BOSS]

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout my time in the music business is that if you ever find yourself bored of the music that regularly pops up on your newsfeed or streaming platforms, just look to Atlanta’s underground scene and you’ll find yourself immersed in some of the most individualistic music in the entire world. It’s a tip I give friends, family, and anyone else that I talk to about music, and one of the first artists I tell them to check out is BEAR1BOSS. I have been a longtime fan of the ATL icon, and after seeing him included in a mini-documentary by SoundCloud based around the origins of the Plugg scene, I realized that he really started making music to have fun, but this quickly turned into a movement more than just another emcee recording something different.

I can often come up with comparisons for talents based on their sound, but BEAR is one of the very few spitters that I simply couldn’t find a doppelganger for no matter how long and hard I pondered the topic, and it’s this uniqueness that has kept me coming back for more every chance I can. He’s no stranger to releasing music on a regular basis, so when I saw that he dropped an LSD Films-directed visual for his song “Heartbroken I’m Lonely!” PRODUCED BY Raf, Project, and Cacija, I wasted no time tuning in.

In this one, the ATLien is kicking it at home, something that would result in a pretty simple or regular sonic film for most artists, but BEAR never lets a minimal setting go to waste. I say this because no matter where he is, he always exudes this bright, fun, and easygoing charisma that shines even brighter through his vibrant personality and unmatched dance moves, elevating this cut even higher than ever before.

I also didn’t even realize at the time that this song is actually the opener for BEAR’s brand-new project Integrity which just released a few days ago, so I am certainly excited to listen to the rest of the 12 songs spanning almost a half-hour in length. The effort contains no features at all, so it’s all BEAR1BOSS showcasing his irreplicable personality the entire time, as he does in the video for “Heartbroken I’m Lonely!”, so make sure you check out both of these releases if you need something new, refreshing, and captivating in your life from an undeniable legend in the Atlanta music scene!