Heartattack- [Adot]

Longtime Lyrical Lemonade favorite, Adot, first caught my attention in early 2016 when I heard the vaporwave track, “Reflections”, due to it’s mellow vibe and waterfall style wordplay. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and it is crazy to see how much music Dotty has dropped since then and how much he has progressed with each new track. The Chicago rapper is essentially a veteran at this point, tongue twisting relatable cold truths with braggadocio bars that force you to replay the track over and over again to catch all the clever lines. His latest @5heriff produced single, “Heartattack” is no different, with Adot going scotty off the jump and not stopping until the track closes out. Recently, Adot has linked with the ANTI clique which includes Plu2o Nash, Mayhem Meech, Adio, and many more underground creatives who have been weaving a signature dark sound never heard before so I know this is only the beginning for the young artist. Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to “Heartattack” more than once but get started by pressing play below and following Adot on Soundcloud and Twitter!

Favorite Line: “So compressed just wait till I stretch feeling fantastic/ I’m always high I cannot feel myself crashing”