Heart Strings – [Daniel Javan] & [Rewind]

If the name Daniel Javan sounds even slightly familiar, that might be because this isn’t the first time he’s gracing the Lyrical Lemonade pages. A few weeks back, he dropped his song “Die Alone” which was an emotive, introspective ballad about isolation and loneliness. While that track might’ve been somewhat desolate and saddening, he’s anything but hopeless and his music absolutely speaks volumes about who he is as an artist as well as a person overall.

While heartbreak might be a common theme amongst Daniel’s songs, at least he’s brave enough to piece together these records in such a valiant, honest manner that not only reveals himself to the world but also allows listeners to relate and understand the scenarios that are unraveling throughout Daniel’s life. On his most recent release “Heart Strings”, Daniel teamed up with producer Rewind in order to bring another brilliant song to life, and the results absolutely speak for themselves.

While emotive piano chords begin to play, some sort of distorted vocal chop shines through in the foreground while being elevated by crisp percussion and subdued drums that almost seem to emulate the beat of someone’s heart. As soon as you press play, Daniel’s vocals begin as a filter overtakes his words in such a perfectly impure fashion. Along with this, he seems to almost slur certain phrases together as if he is so fed up with the scenario he’s experiencing that it’s not even worth his time or effort to put any sort of exertion into his message.

Despite this, the feeling of effortlessness adds so much to the emotions he’s going through, and once you listen to the details of the storyline that’s unfolding, it’s obvious that his feelings have overwhelmed him once again and he has been left heartbroken. In a quote from Daniel, he mentions how this track is about falling head over heels for someone who you thought was perfect at first, but you just have this gut feeling that things are too good to be true. Then, when things start going off the rails, you try and reminisce on the good times before quickly realizing why things had to come to an end and the deep, dark place that the relationship left you in.

While some people might read this prior to listening to the song and expect to go into some sad and somber cry fest, this record is far from depressing. While the message might be slightly dejected and it might remind you of hard times, the instrumental is pretty catchy and buoyant while Daniel’s vocals are absolutely touching. There is pain behind his words but not to the point where it’s going to get you down, and the way he tells his own story is as captivating as it is masterful. Considering Daniel’s journey not only in music but in his own life in general, it’s clear that he has had many experiences that influence his music, so hearing them come to life in each and every song he releases is unbelievable, and “Heart Strings” is absolutely no different, so make sure you check it out as soon as you get a chance.