“Headshots” – [Tmcthedon]

Baltimore’s Tmcthedon released a visual to “Headshots,” to accompany the two-pack of singles he’s released prior to his upcoming Heartless Romantic album.

Tmcthedon has developed an effective delivery that showcases his versatility as an artist. Melody is often the first thing that draws my attention, and Tmcthedon is able to utilize those vocal abilities on top of methodical lines, an ability that’s often taken for granted by hip-hop listeners. “Headshots” has the raw, aggressive feel that the title insinuates, but those vocal talents make this track attractive to listeners across genres, explaining the traffic that it has received on multiple platforms.

The video, produced by Set It Off TV features beautifully lit and creative scene selections, props, and effects that bring the proper cinematic portrayal of the song to life, partly in credit to Gregory James II who wrote the visual treatment.

Two weeks and 43K views later, the video continues to build a view count as Tmcthedon builds upon his fanbase, which centers around a handful of well-received projects over the last four years. Upcoming LP Heartless Romantic looks to take that to the next level.

“Headshots” by Tmcthedon. Look and listen on YouTube below: