Headshot – [Lil Tjay] ft. [Polo G] & [Fivio Foreign]

Understandably, it seems like so many artists from the same city stick together and it takes a lot to sort of infiltrate certain groups. In New York, it has become clear that Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign have maintained a stranglehold on the Drill scene for a couple of years now, and although Pop Smoke might’ve been the one to truly make this style of music blow up, they’re doing an amazing job of carrying on the legacy. As for Polo G, he has been putting on for Chicago for quite some time now and after putting together his extremely strong catalog of music over the past few years, he has become probably one of my favorite artists in general.

It seems as if Polo gets along so well with his New York counterparts considering they team up all the time, and I feel like this is the case considering they all have similar upbringings even though they grew up in different parts of America. Nonetheless, it seems like they make nothing but magic every time they come together, and the same goes for their latest release “Headshot”.

A slew of producers worked on this hit including Bordeaux, Non Native, TnTXD, Dmac, and 101 Slide, and while I’m not entirely sure who created what throughout the instrumental, I do know they included an extremely prevailing, valiant melody that’s elevated by speaker busting drums and percussive elements that are basically as crisp as it can get. Interestingly enough, this trio decided to omit any sort of hook, rather delivering three unforgettable verses that are equally as different as they are perfect. Polo kicks things off, using a pretty straightforward, truthful delivery to share his stories of previous struggles before finishing his part by full-on singing with some truly heartfelt and emotional notes.

As Fivio comes in for the second verse, the hats seem to switch up and provide a very drill-forward rhythm that Fivio completely rips to shreds with his playful cadences and always captivating enthusiasm despite the fact that he seems to be spitting his bars a bit slower than usual. Finally, Tjay finishes the track stronger than ever with what is probably my favorite verse out of the three. His melodies are addicting, his flows are new, impressive, and unbelievable, and the way he just tiptoes over the beat and bounces around effortlessly is as impressive as it is unforgettable.

I expected a lot going into this record considering the star-studded trio, and they didn’t disappoint even slightly. While Fivio’s verse might’ve been the least impressive of the three, the tempo was a bit slower than he’s used to, but he still killed his part, so I literally have zero complaints, Polo and Tjay’s verses were just almost too good. Although I’m not entirely sure when Tjay’s album is expected to be out, this song as well as his last single featuring 6lack called “Calling My Phone” are both. Going to be included in the project, so you already know it’s going to be full of slappers. Obviously, I can’t wait to hear what Tjay has been cooking up beyond these last two singles, but until that’s in our laps, “Headshot” is more than enough to hold us over, so stop whatever you’re doing and check out Lil Tjay’s brand-new single below.