Headshot – [Lil Tjay] ft. [Polo G] & [Fivio Foreign]

Just the other day, Lil Tjay decided to team up with Polo G and Fivio Foreign to release their track “Headshot”, a single off of Tjay’s upcoming project Destined 2 Win. Obviously, if you’re a writer deep in the hip-hop and rap genres as I am, this trio is an unignorable group and I knew it was going to be a hit before I even heard it, but as soon as I listened, I immediately stopped what I was doing and wrote about it. That’s why, when I saw that there was now a brand-new music video to complement the track, I had no choice but to write about that as well even if it does seem almost too soon.

Tjay teamed up with Reel Goats to direct this flick and I must say that no part of the budget must have been spared after watching the visual. The camera opens up on an absolutely insanely large estate that looks to be more along the lines of a hotel or castle rather than a mansion. The scene is set as Tjay walks down a grand staircase to what seems to be the courtyard where old, tuxedo-wearing gentlemen are using comically large tools to trim the bushes, comb the lawn, and do other sorts of upkeep around the property.

As Polo spits, he joins a random group of individuals in the backyard while a butler brings Tjay a fruit and cheese plate as he observes out a Civil War-era pistol. Finally, it’s target practice but instead of heading to the gun range, Polo picks up a pistol and takes aim at some bright red apples that rest on top of these old men’s heads, blasting them off of their skulls with ease. When Fivio begins to spit, the trio comes together to vibe out to his verse as they dance around and show off their extremely expensive garments and jewelry.

Similar activities continue into Tjay’s finishing verse, except a Giraffe is shown walking the premises like a pet, joining the New York City talent for some unforgettable shots. Finally, Tjay finishes things once and for all by heading up to the roof with a musket where he takes aim at one final man who was referred to as the feds by Polo G earlier in the video, missing the apple but hitting the guy, ultimately leading to his demise.

If you somehow haven’t heard this song yet, you’ve been missing out. It has legitimately been a song that I play as soon as I open up my Spotify account ever since I first heard it, so I honestly might have listened to it over 50 times over the weekend. Every verse is awesome and brings something different to the table, each artist is similar in certain ways yet different in others, and they’re just three superstars that simply can’t make a bad song together even if they wanted to. This video is clean, well put together, and just adds to the legacy that this track has already created, so I have zero complaints about the visual either. I’m beyond excited to see what else Tjay has in store before releasing his upcoming album, but while we wait, you simply can’t miss out on the remarkable new music video for Lil Tjay’s track “Headshot”.