HBH – [Meech]

Chicago’s own Meech is making his way back on our platform this morning with the premiere of his brand new music video for his fan favorite track called “HBH”. If you consider yourself a daily follower of our page here at Lyrical Lemonade then you are most likely aware of who Meech is by now, and if you aren’t just yet in tune with him I suggest that you check out the Q&A I featured him in back in 2016 here. The strides that Meech has made as an artist over the past two years has been inspiring to say the least, and with this new release 2018 is only looking to continue his upward trajectory. This is by far the most entertaining visual that I have watched all week, Meech and the director Andy Madeleine did a fantastic job with bringing this song to life. Take a few minutes of your time below to check out this new visual and if you like it be sure to give Meech a follow on Twitter here!

I think the video is fun and filled with energy. It shows how once you’re on the come up, people will gravitate towards you and see you in a different light.” – OvaEast Meech