Hawk Em Down 3 – [MTF DROSE]

Irvington, New Jersey’s MTF Drose lands fresh in our pages today with his red-hot new single and visual “Hawk Em Down 3” which continues an electric run of videos that have his area itching for more, racking up view after view, proving to be one of the very most formidable young artists in Jersey. With the help of Rari Digital, one of Jersey’s go-to cameraman who has built a platform for the artists around his area to promote their sounds and lifestyles on, Drose has built a strong catalog and positioned himself to be one of the de-facto leaders of this new wave. His bars are confrontational and his delivery is high energy, stepping through each bar with a staccato, machine-gun like flow. I look forward to hearing more from Drose this summer and am sure that he will not be the last can’t-miss young talent that reaches Rari Digital’s YouTube page.