Hate Today! [Lev UFO] x [Heartgaze]

Hate Today!” is about waking up not only on the wrong side of the bed, but waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the middle of a pit of lava… and being able to laugh at it! Days vary, but this song is for the ones that Lev just sometimes hates. Lev talks about his vulnerabilities and anxieties, but in the end, has the knowledge that they’re not going to hold him back in the SLIGHTEST from what he wants to do…which is world domination! I made this with my best friend/producer Heartgaze in my Airbnb studio in like 55 minutes. In between takes I could hear the toddler in the apartment below us screaming back at me, which made me want to get even louder. I wrote a bunch of lines that made me laugh on the spot and got them within a few takes and I just IMMEDIATELY knew that I loved how this song sounded…I hope you do too! Or else you and me are gonna have a problem :)”Lev UFO

LA and Chicago’s own Lev UFO successfully delivers on his highly-anticipated debut with a personality driven single titled “Hate Today!” Produced by Heartgaze, the ultimate friendship duo have created an epic alt-rock anthem that introduces listeners to the never-ending fun, yet complicated persona of Lev UFO. Accompanied by a colorfully brilliant visual (co-directed by Xitlaly Viveros and Htet Wai), Lev’s stylish appeal for fashion aesthetically mirrors Heartgaze’s star-like chic, as UFO sports a flashy red outfit with matching spectacles. There is a fascinating contrast lyrically and aesthetically, as Lev UFO vents a number of annoyances despite the gorgeous blue summer sky. Heartgaze’s electric guitar is consistently amped to the max, which intensifies every passionate line spoken from Lev’s distressed point of view. Overall, “Hate Today!” is an excellent debut offering from Lev UFO, and listeners can certainly expect plenty more unconventionally satisfying releases from him in the near-future. Watch the official music video below!