Hate Being Lonely – [DC the Don]

Few artists in this industry have my undeniable respect, not because they don’t deserve it or because I’m being harsh, though. I go into everyone’s music with an open mind and no pre-judgment, but I just think that I’m not going to automatically be an instant fan just because an effort was made. Rather, I give artists the chance to earn my respect, not because they care or it matters, but because there are just too many damn musicians to automatically revere them as a must-listen talent. DC the Don, on the other hand, is someone that I have such a strong admiration for because he is one of the hardest-working emcees in the game, constantly dropping something new that never fails to explore sonic boundaries and break through barriers, all while he somehow manages to create unbelievable music.

Today, DC continues to showcase his one-off charm and skillset with his latest Aprxx-produced release called “Hate Being Lonely”. The California-by-way-of-Milwaukee native’s ability to blend different genres and create his own sound shines through completely in this record, as he mixes various genres of dance music with one another, pairing them with the musician’s smooth flow and unforgettable hook that creates a laid-back aesthetic you can’t help but vibe to.

The video, directed by Connor Pritchard, adds a visual element to the story that DC tells within his lyrics. The visual begins with DC on a date with one girlfriend even though he has another girl waiting for him at home. As the night goes on, DC’s deception is exposed when the girlfriends cross paths and team up to confront him. Eventually, things take a turn and DC loses both girls, getting slapped in the face by one before they hit the road together, leaving him at home by himself.

This single showcases DC The Don’s versatility even further considering it’s a bit of a departure from his other styles. The song’s introspective lyrics about trying to fill a void with alcohol and companionship mixed with the upbeat production make for a well-rounded and enjoyable release ahead of his highly anticipated and predictably spectacular album FUNERAL which we can expect to drop within the coming weeks!