Hasta Luego – [IGIR Woodiee]

The song and video for IGIR Woodie’s “Hasta Luego” are just so catchy that it’s been stuck in my head over the past two days so I had to write about it. Normally I never would condone this and believe it’s kind of annoying but I kept seeing him post this video under very popular posts on Twitter. So I had some free time and figured why not let me click on it and give it a listen. It’s really the guitar and the hard-hitting 808’s it kind of makes me think I’m in an episode of the popular Netflix television show ‘Narcos’. The video is set up like a movie, in which Woodie and his homies end up hitting a lick on the plug and spending the money in a whole day. I haven’t gotten a chance to dive into the rest of his work but this is a great start to the new year for Woodie with this infectious new single.

Watch the video for IGIR Woodiee’s video for “Hasta Luego” below.