HARLEY QUINN – [Chief Keef] & [Mike WiLL Made-It]

It’s no secret that Chief Keef is the king of drill music, and when you pair him up with a master producer like Mike WiLL Made-It, there is no way that anything but magic is going to be made. Although Keef has had his ups and downs throughout his career, he has steadily dropped off so much music that manages to fly under the radar, I’m honestly shocked more people don’t talk about it. After teasing a joint project months ago by releasing a few singles off of the album, I couldn’t be more excited to share their latest collaboration entitled “HARLEY QUINN”, and after tuning in, you’re going to find out exactly what this duo is capable of.

On the beat, Mike utilizes some interesting synths, deep, bellowing horns, and thunderous 808s that combine with the percussive elements of the track unbelievably well, giving Sosa all the room in the world to take this song in whichever direction he pleases. When he first comes in, he drops off some individual lines that are full of attack and aggression, and although his vocals contain a bit less autotune than normal, it makes the assault behind his delivery that much clearer. From here, Keef continuously peppers us with singular bars that are full of clever world plays and interesting lyrics before taking the time in between each line to bring even more energy with some animated ad-libs and entertaining background vocals.

After listening, it’s obvious that there is no shortage of enthusiasm and no stone left unturned in terms of creativity, making this a track that gets me even more excited for a joint album that will hopefully be upon us before we know it. Although I’m not entirely sure when this is going to happen, I’m just hyped that we have “HARLEY QUINN” to listen to moving forward as well as a Traven Young-shot music video to watch, and you should be too, so make sure you peep their latest track as soon as possible.