Harlem R&B Singer Journey Montana Releases Post-Heartbreak Anthem ‘Bad Decisions’

Rising R&B star Journey Montana is someone you should become familiarized with this year. At just 18 years old, she is already a force to be reckoned with. The LA-born artist discovered at a young age that her voice had the power to inspire others through her performances. Now, her hobby became a full-blown career with the support of United Masters/Aplus Musiz Group. Last week, the multitalented artist unleashed her newest track “Bad Decisions”. This is a post-heartbreak anthem that sheds light on how bad decisions can affect your relationships, your life, and how people perceive you.

“When people listen to my newest single “Bad Decisions”, I hope it makes them feel a lot of different emotions. But mostly I hope it makes them feel better, and it makes them feel empowered.” She proclaimed. “The song is rooted in hurt but also rooted in healing, learning, growing, and just being reminded who you were before!”

Journey Montana is a new voice of our generation for young women who are experiencing the disappointments of relationships and learning self-worth. 

“I feel like I’ve found my sound with this new record so definitely more music with an aligned message.” she shared.

Her latest single is now available on all streaming platforms.