Handouts – [Kai Ca$h] ft. [Pusha T]

Recently appearing on Hot 97 and Sway in the morning, New York native Kai Ca$h has recently released an impressive stream of singles. Following up his success with a project, Birth in the Borough, the rapper prides himself on the city he comes from on his single, “Handouts.” With a rare assist from Pusha T, this track is the obvious standout song of the project. Lyrical in his delivery, Kai makes it clear that he does not want any pity and he certainly does not want any handouts. With tremendous grit in his voice, the rapper knows his worth and proves it with his lyrics:

“They wantin’ me to sign, too low, huh
I’m not near selling my soul, huh
My eyes wide open, stay woke, uh
And stack, I ain’t going back broke.”

Throughout the track, Kai walks you through the essence of what it means and feels like to be from his borough of New York, something not too many artists are capable of making a listener feel. Fluently showcasing his ability to flow with the best in the game, the young emcee has gotten head nods from Hip-Hop legends such as King Push and Diddy.

“Handouts,” produced by Rob Holladay (recently known for producing “Rule The World” by 2 Chainz featuring Ariana Grande) creates an energy equivalent to an NFL locker room on Super Bowl Sunday. This song is an ode to every rapper on the come up and a classic New York anthem as well.

Kai Ca$h is just getting started. Keep your eyes wide open.

Stream “Handouts” here:

Words by Barry R