Handle Biz – [Moneypkwy]

A while back, one of our writers – Jack Gregory – covered a song called “Get Cash” from Moneypkwy. Introducing readers to the Atlanta-based talent, I was an immediate fan, and ever since, have made sure to keep a close eye on the latest from the budding artist. Today, we’re here to bring Moneypkwy back to our pages, this time with a hard-nosed new release by the name of “Handle Biz.”

As the title entails, “Handle Biz” is a straight-forward offering, focused on the money and refusing to let anything get in the way of such. Moneypkwy’s lyricism is indicative of all this and more, and not only leaves its mark in regards to energy and personality, but also acts as one of the more quotable songs I’ve heard in recent memory. ATL can’t be stopped, and artists like Moneypkwy are continuing to carry the torch, offering some of the best music out of the city right now – creative as can be, undeniably energetic, and with some of the hardest production out.

Be sure to get hip by watching the “Handle Biz” music video at the link below, and “Get Cash” here, if you haven’t already.