hand crushed by a mallet – [100 Gecs]

One of my absolute favorite things about music, especially recently, is there seem to be no boundaries that can go unbroken, and certain talents truly push the limits in order to prove that they can’t be boxed into any sort of genre. As for 100 Gecs, they’re the perfect example of this type of experimental, off the rails style that truly can’t be placed in any specific genre, but if anyone had to pick, it would be closer to Hyperpop or Electronic. Their use of Punk, Dubstep, EDM, and other influences all machined into every song as well as the inclusion of experimentally pitched-up vocals and incredible swift tempos are what drew me in from the moment I first heard their music, and there’s obviously a good reason as to why they’ve amassed quite a notable following over the past few years, working with artists like Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, and even Fall Out Boy, as well as touring with talents such as Slowthai and BROCKHAMPTON.

As for their most recent offering, they decided to team up and bring a music video to life using only an iPhone for their hit song “hand crushed by a mallet” off of last year’s album 1000 Gecs. While there was already a visual out for the remix of this song, I’d never decline more content from this creative powerhouse, so I can’t wait to share it with you. Opening up on Dylan Brady dressed as Jim Carrey from The Mask, he’s rolling a pair of dice before a first-person camera view shows him playing the obviously dangerous knife game with his other hand.

Soon enough, Laura Les comes to the room from outside dressed as a human-size fly, peering in before opening the window and entering the scene. After she enters and sneaks up from behind Dylan, he notices her presence, prompting him to stand up and stare her down as the two tiptoe in a circular fashion. As the beat begins to build up, the first-person view of the scene changes back and forth between the two artists before certain shots show Dylan playing an instrumental or the duo playing chess in a frenzied, unorganized manner.

Finally, when the beat drops, Dylan has had enough as he grabs an absolutely massive toy sword, chasing Laura out of the room and around the woods. As a spotlight shows this encounter unfolding, Dylan eventually gets Laura before putting her in a garbage bag and throwing her in the trash. Just when you thought she was finished, she hops out of the garbage and sneaks back into the room, destroying the entire place and waking Dylan up from his deep sleep, ultimately bothering him in the corner to send us out of the visual.

Obviously, if you’ve ever listened to 100 Gecs before, you know that they’re anything but ordinary. Although their music might not be for everyone, this strangeness and obscurity are what has kept me constantly coming back time and time again, and they just simply always keep me on my toes which is greatly appreciated from my point of view. Beyond this, their visuals are almost always even more incomprehensible than the music itself, leaving me in disbelief after every single one comes to an end. I just can’t even fathom the amount of creativity and inventiveness that goes into every aspect of the duo’s creative process, so that’s something I not only recognize, but I respect the hell out of as well. Whether this kind of music is for you or not, you really have to at least respect their creative process because legitimately no one else is creating art even remotely similar to this, so I tip my cap to them and look forward to every single new release that comes from this tag team. Luckily, their brand-new music video for “hand crushed by a mallet” exceeded any sort of expectations I could’ve ever dreamt up, so get in tune and peep the new visual as soon as possible.