RonSoCold is one of the most talented underground artists in recent memory. Although he uses heavy autotune on all of his songs, he finds a way to keep it fresh and his music never sounds repetitive in the slightest. His cadences are simple but catchier than most of the hit songs on the charts, and his overall style from his music to his fashion sense is top-notch.

The North Carolina rapper is back with a very brief but impactful single called “Had 2”, which is off of his upcoming project set to release at some point this year. Lil Tecca, the young rapper and producer who took the world by storm last year and is looking to do the same in 2020, absolutely murdered the production. He included some gallant, airy synths that come in waves paired with subtle bass to accent the quick hats and claps, creating the foundation for this hit. With his trademark heavy autotuned vocals, RonSoCold brought so much vigor and energy to his verse. His short, choppy lines discussing his come up, drugs, and the emotions he deals with bring this single full circle to create a masterpiece.

He ended up going all out for this track, providing a visual as well. It starts out with heavy effects full of vibrant colors and texts to introduce those involved in the song. Some of the shots feature frame in frame scenes, adding some depth and complexity to an otherwise modest video. The high rise he inhabits throughout isn’t necessarily overflowing with decor, but Ron fills the space by dancing around with stacks of money and a double cup.

RonSoCold has been all over the underground for the past few years and is undoubtedly a favorite of mine, but also a favorite of many artists in the Rap game at this point. It’s only a matter of time before he rises into the spotlight due to his matchless sound and constant grind, so I feel like this could be the year we see him transcend the underground label he has built for himself. Even if not, he is well appreciated in the music community and that’ll never change, regardless of his status. “Had 2” is a fantastic preview of what we can expect to hear on his upcoming project, so check it out and get ready for more new music from the rising star.

Words by Danny Adams