Habit – [Why Cue]

The state of New York is going wild as of late when it comes to music exposure, and another piece of the puzzle for the NY hip-hop scene comes with the blossoming rapper Why Cue. His latest EP, Xxotic has done substantial numbers, with the project accumulating over 1.3 million streams throughout the eight-song masterpiece. His unique yet distinct voice draws in the listener, as it’s a style that’s hard to compare to any other artist right now. His latest visual to accompany a track off the EP comes with “Habit,” one of the most popular joints he’s created.

The video takes place in California, where Cue is seen strolling down the beautiful LA streets rocking designer, rapping and vibing along to his track. “Bitch you don’t want no static, sippin’ lean like an addict, gucci all on my fabric, run it up that’s a habit.” Cue rhymes of his lifestyle that’s come with his rise to stardom and raps motif’s of money making and celebratory substance use. The visual itself is pleasing to the eye, with beautiful cut scenes, edits, and transitions that allow the video to flow organically and connect the energy of the song with a representation the listener can visualize.

The video has racked up over 1,300 views in just a couple weeks, and I can only expect it will keep gaining traction as Cue’s audience grows thicker. The New York native is making a name for himself quickly, and his rise to stardom has seemingly only just begun.

Watch Why Cue – Habit (Music Video) below!

Shot by waterwippinevan