Guy Behind It – [Allstar JR]

Although I haven’t covered him outright yet, Allstar JR is one of my very favorite artists in Detroit and has one of the most easily recognizable deliveries in a city filled with unique voices, and is simultaneously one of the most menacing but yet sarcastic artists I have ever heard. I first got hip to JR through features across many of the city’s best and less-known posse-cuts and JR has been absolutely crushing features for a while and still is frequently called on for guest verses by many of the Dirty Glove’s foremost talents. I am sure that his profile will rise greatly in the coming weeks after having just survived a shooting less than a week ago, and we are very glad he is okay but am personally definitely frustrating that this will likely be the moment that causes many people that were previously ignorant to tap in, but so be it. JR’s music is phenomenal and he boasts a very deep catalog of music that he has accumulated over the past several years and most recently just dropped his new project Get A Bag or Go Home 3 which features the track “Guy Behind It” which JR recently brought to life in a new visual with the help of 2M Visuals where he taunts his would-be assassins in an intro that leads into the ambitious new visual where he addresses all of the people who fell-short in his eyes, crossed him, or claim to have gotten the best of him. Allstar JR is one of the coldest lyricists not just in Detroit but in the industry period and I hope that he truly gets the flowers he deserves before it is too late.