Gutta Muzik – [Go Yayo]

As I’m sure we’re all aware, Texas is — and has been — one of the country’s premier outlets for rap. From the various pockets of talent within the state to platforms such as HalfPintFilmz capturing the hottest out of their respective regions, no one can deny the self-fueled impact of TX right now, always bringing something new to the table without losing the pride of its people. Today, marking the latest star from the area, Go Yayo is here with a brand new video for “Gutta Muzik.”

Restructuring the classic “Gin And Juice” instrumental, “Gutta Muzik” maintains a quick pace, taking inspiration from the West Coast as its main source of fuel. Even with this clearly-stated influence, though, Yayo is sure to infuse his Texas charisma into the song, matching the sampled melodies with quick-minded quotables and a roaring supply of sleek flows. Resulting is a track that repurposes a West Coast classic into a Texas anthem, complete with its regional identity and head-turning video.

Needless to say, Go Yayo is putting on for his home state and more specifically, the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so don’t sleep. Check out “Gutta Muzik” here:

Directed by @FilmThatMike