Gunpla – [A$AP Twelvyy]

In my opinion, when it comes to modern day Rap collectives, A$AP Mob is the group that aspiring artists should model their crew after. I think this because they have world renown artists like Rocky and Ferg who everyone has heard of considering they dabble in lanes other than strictly music. They have Bari who doesn’t even make music but has created a massively successful high fashion entity in Vlone. Then there’s artists like Nast and Twelvyy who are well respected and recognized among the music and fashion worlds alike, but somehow maintain a sort of low key, underground aesthetic that’s separate from their counterparts to an extent.

I mention all this because A$AP Twelvyy is back with a brand-new song entitled “Gunpla”. The production has a futuristic feel to it, with some sort of bells tiptoeing along in a haunting fashion and some extremely appealing rapid-fire hats to compliment the melody. Twelvyy decides to use some vocal effects in this track which end up sounding nothing like anything I’ve ever heard him use before, adding another accomplishment to his already lengthy resume. He uses a delivery with quick and catchy lines that are somewhat separated, ultimately adding up to some very impressive verses. The double entendres, word play, and clever lines are all in full effect within this record, and they lead to a fantastic new track from the New York emcee.

I’m not sure what to expect from Twelvyy moving forward this year, but whatever he does decide to drop is sure to be wild. He has a grittier delivery and a more original sound than some of the other people he surrounds himself with, so although he might not be a household name like some of them, the fans who do support him share that much stronger of a bond from my experience. Be sure to check out “Gunpla” below and keep an eye on A$AP Twelvyy as we progress further into the year for more new music.

Words by Danny Adams