Guilty Conscience- [070 Shake]

Before hearing Kanye’s project Ye last year, I didn’t know much at all about 070 Shake. After it dropped and I realized that she pretty much made the album what it was, I became an instant fan. Simply put, no one else sounds like her, and although she probably could have made it big singing any generic genre, she decided to make her own style and do her own thing which has been remarkable to hear.

Shake decided to bless fans with a new visual for her song “Guilty Conscience” off of her highly anticipated debut album Modus Vivendi. The song is absolutely incredible in my opinion. It has very strong 80’s/Stranger Things vibes that complete a very synth-heavy and old school pop sound that doesn’t seem to replicate any sort of music that is being released in this day and age. Her voice sounds amazing per usual and the meaning behind all of her lyrics is something that deserves to be analyzed further, beyond just listening and trying to figure out what she’s saying on the fly.

To open up the video, she shows a message basically saying she wanted to portray herself as a boy in the visual because boys can’t typically show their emotions or they’ll become too vulnerable, but this part of life is what helps them to develop into the men they’re supposed to be. This is important because a lot of the scenes portray both Shake and the counterparts she’s running around with fighting and destroying things like cars and televisions.

Modus Vivendi is dropping in exactly a week, so I couldn’t be more excited to see what 070 Shake has in store for us. After doing some digging to find out the translation of this album title, it’s basically an agreement to coexist in peace with groups who previously opposed each other. I think this pairs perfectly with the deeper meanings behind her music, so I’m not sure there could have been a better name for her debut album. I also know that if it sounds even half as good as “Guilty Conscience” does, we’re in for a mesmerizing treat. Be sure to check out the visual for her latest single in preparation of Modus Vivendi which is set to release on January 17th.

Words by Danny Adams