Gucci Cologne – [K$upreme]

K$upreme has become known as a leading hitmaker over the past few years both on the mic and behind the boards, and today, he’s here to prove this status with a brand new hit, “Gucci Cologne”. Simple as can be with a key-led melody and trunk-rattling bass kicks, this song supercharges $upreme’s rhymes and allows to him to garner energy with ease. It’s addictive in both sound and style, and based on what I’ve seen online, this song is also becoming a viral favorite for all the listeners out there looking for a new anthem to keep in heavy rotation. “Gucci Cologne” is an appropriate banger for any number of situations, so be sure to check it out at the link below — and be sure to keep an out for new music from K$upreme as he mentions in the description, “Flex Skool Coming Soon!!!”

Produced by BHunna