Guardian Ghosts – [BBY GOYARD] & [David Shawty]

Hyperpop might be a newer concept in my world, but I didn’t realize until recently that I’ve actually been listening to it for years, and that’s thanks to the wonderful sonic contributions that both BBY GOYARD and David Shawty have provided for fans for quite some time now. In the same breath, it seems like the new idea of hyperpop is something that sounds much different than the music these two hitmakers are creating, and it makes me believe that they’re seriously in a lane of their own, and the sounds they’re bringing to life are nothing even remotely similar to the aforementioned subgenre.

Despite their manipulated vocals, energetic instrumentals, and vibrant personalities, these two hitmakers are making music unlike anyone else in the industry, and ever since they started working together however long ago, I believe they’ve changed the landscape of music as we know it, whether you know who they are or not. I can’t get enough of these two underground stars, so when I found out that they teamed up for a collaborative EP entitled Guardian Ghosts, I couldn’t wait to talk about it after thoroughly listening.

This project is a quick hit of the inventive style that they’ve popularized, and you can get a little taste of the various styles they’ve been bringing to life throughout each of the 5 songs on the EP, which spans right around 10 and a half minutes long. Heading in, I definitely didn’t expect any features considering it’s such a quick project, but when I saw Lil Tracy’s name on the 4th song “I Like Stars”, I was instantly excited.

While each record on here seems to get better than the next, this song stands out to me most because you’d think a big name like Tracy would get them to create a song closer to his style, but they flipped the scrips and brought him into their own world, and the results are just as strange, incredible, and captivating as you might’ve expected. There’s no denying this duo’s chemistry, and that’s totally obvious on their brand-new EP Guardian Ghosts, making it a quick project that you need to hear for yourself to truly appreciate.