Growth-[Afterthought] & [Aura]

When you talk about pure talent, the name Afterthought has to be brought up in the conversation. I’ve had the chance of connecting with a myriad of musicians during my time of writing, but if there is one person that I’m most excited for, it’s Afterthought.

The talented producer/rapper/songwriter has had his hand in a plethora of projects and songs that you most definitely have heard of before. If you’re a fan of all types of music, then you need to take a listen to every single piece that he’s cooked up so far. Today, the talented musician and jack of all trades is making it onto our page for his most recent song that just dropped. The brand new offering called, “Growth” that is a must listen in every sense of the word. From a production standpoint, afterthought just doesn’t miss whatsoever. What makes this piece even better is that well known singer, Aura decided to hop on this one to round it out.

Make sure you peep this new song by Afterthought when you get the chance! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below! Enjoy!