Grow – [Mia Gladstone]

Possessing charisma as a singer is an innate ability. It’s not something that can be learned at the risk of being unauthentic, and further so, listeners can easily tell when a sense of charisma is not genuine. Today, we’re here to present an artist named Mia Gladstone and her new single, “Grow” — the perfect representation of what true charisma sounds and feels like. Acting as the title¬†track off of Gladstone’s new EP, this song utilizes an energetic instrumental and soulful brass section to support such illustrative cadences. The vocals are simply perfect in the way they’re placed so gently atop the instrumental, and all in all, “Grow” marks a moment of easily lovable artistry for Gladstone. At this rate, she’s going to be a star, so don’t sleep. Listen to “Grow” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Produced by Mia Gladstone
Bassline by Gladstone’s Brother, Sam
Trumpet by Michael Ferranti
Mixed by JayMellow
Mastered by David Lai
Art by Aamir