Grow EP – [Mia Gladstone]

For some artists, it’s the very nature of their energy that makes them so compelling. It’s one thing to have listeners understand your emotions, but it’s another to bring them into your world, creating a sense of contagiousness in the process. This skill is what sets Mia Gladstone apart as an undeniable star-in-the-making. With every song in her catalog, Gladstone maximizes the animation of her art, constantly bringing new listeners into her colorful world of sound — an inimitable skill put on full display in Gladstone’s latest release, the Grow EP.

Over the span of just 7 songs, Gladstone wastes no time in getting to the point with her newest body of work. Every instrumental exudes a glowing sense of character, and the sheer liveliness displayed throughout the project strings each song together without missing a beat. At the head of it all is Mia Gladstone, herself, conducting the operation with sun-soaked vocals and an endlessly bright personality. Adding to the magic is a strong selection of production, topped off by the EP’s notable cohesivity.

That said, Mia Gladstone has done it once again, so be sure to show some love and stream Grow below!