Groove Continental: Side A – [Yung Bae]

If you’re a fan of pop, electronic, or vaporwave music, it’s pretty likely you’ve stumbled across Yung Bae’s name before. Known for his iconic Bae tapes that synthesized the best parts of city pop, vaporwave, and future funk, our hero has spent the better part of the last decade evolving in both sound and style. Today music fans are treated to Groove Continental: Side A, a project that is bursting at the seams with intricate and nostalgic bangers that are touched by Yung Bae’s signature electronic production and flair for the otherworldly. Though he may have strayed far from his vaporwave roots, Yung Bae continues to synthesize elements of soul, future funk, and disco into something entirely unique.

Though I’m well aware that the word “versatility” has become overused, there’s no denying that Yung Bae’s sheer dynamicism shines on nearly every track on Groove Continental: Side A. Cuts like “L.O.V.E.” with EARTHGANG, Jon Batiste and Sherwyn carry heavy swagger-filled basslines while tracks like “60’s Spy Shit” sound like nostalgic bangers that evoke memories to late nights as a child playing Goldeneye with your friends. Some tracks like the string-heavy album single “Wonder” with Channel Tres border on futuristic and forward-thinking, while others like “Silver and Gold” with Sam Fischer and Pink Sweat$ are comparably safe but cinematic anthems with a positivity-filled emotional register. No matter your musical affinities, Groove Continental: Side A is sure to have something for everyone – and with more music (Side B perhaps?) and visuals likely on the way, you’d be wise to keep Yung Bae on your radar this year.

Check out Yung Bae’s latest release below: