Greenlight – [Obai]

More likely than not, you haven’t heard of Obai, a fourteen year old artist out of Phoenix, Arizona. At age thirteen, the young artist had no experience in writing music, yet alone recording songs. However, as demonstrated recently with the rapid emergence of Maryland’s Redveil, talent is talent regardless of age. His latest single “Greenlight” is what caught my attention, which includes a relaxed melody over Obai’s soft vocals. More so a singer than a rapper, the romantic subject matter is sure to capture the attention of r&b and pop fanatics. Plus, the lyrics are mostly radio-friendly, making it suitable for a larger mainstream audience. According to Obai, he wrote the track around 5 a.m. in the morning while recovering from the corona-virus, with the end product being filled with potential. Hungry for success, he simply believes that his music needs the right audience for him to evolve. With a Lyrical Lemonade debut now under his belt, I look forward to monitoring Obai’s journey as a young creative and individual. Check out the release below, which is available on all platforms!