Green Line – [Kinrose]

One of my favorite things to hear from new rappers is their clear ability to be malleable. This idea leads me to my early fascination with Kinrose and his single,” Green Line.” The DMV-raised rapper’s approach is laid back but harmonious in his new single, capturing the inner monologue he hears when riding the train on his daily commute. His charismatic frenetics, coming both in the form of his singing and rapping is entirely infectious and charismatic. Even atop a more down-tempo bed of production, Kinrose illustrates a spellbinding flow and sound that will leave you excited to hear more. Kinrose is clearly looking to continue to build on the momentum created after the release of his Chopped EP in June of this year, while simultaneously introducing his fans to another exciting facet of his ability as both a rapper, singer, and artist. 

Listen to “Green Line” by Kinrose below.