Green Bean – [Young Nudy]

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that Atlanta is one of the main music hubs in the rap industry. While this might not be a surprise to anyone, one thing about this hip-hop mecca that I think goes under appreciated is the fact that these artists are some of the hardest working individuals in music, and that’s something I definitely can’t let go by the wayside. Out of all of these talents, Young Nudy has been having himself a year, releasing DR. EV4L earlier on and then shortly following it up with another 20-song record entitled Rich Shooter.

Both projects definitely have no shortage of hits, but one of my favorites off of the latter project is definitely the Pi’erre Bourne-produced track “Green Bean”, which just received a JMP-directed visual treatment that I simply couldn’t resist writing about. When things begin, we’re taken to a scientific lab where a couple of scientists stand in an observation room. As they press play on the song, Nudy is shown laying down in the middle of a large room full of what appears to be lima beans, allowing the massive speakers to reverberate, causing massive waves of beans to bounce up and down around the rapper.

From here, we head to outer space where Nudy jumps from planet to planet, sending each planet into a massive earthquake as he leaps one by one. Finally, when he gets to the sun, he dives in, transporting us to an animated world filled with small green beings who dance around and vibe out with the ATLien, for the most part, and when he finds someone who he doesn’t like, he picks them up, throwing them out of the frame to keep the energy positive and encouraging. All in all, I was a massive fan of this song so considering the music video was so creative and out of the box, I don’t think this release could’ve come together any better. With that being said, make sure you check out the brand-new music video for Young Nudy’s song “Green Bean” as soon as you can.