Greatest – [Lil Xelly]

This article is a very special one for me personally. Not that any other articles mean anything less to me, but this one in particular is my 2,000th write-up, so after about 3 years of writing as regularly as I can, here we are. In all honesty, if you include the articles I wrote back in 2016 when I first worked for LL as well as the posts I’ve created during my brief stint as a Lyrical Lemonade intern, I had reached this milestone probably 2 or 3 months ago, but on my main writer’s profile, this is the big 2K.

To celebrate this milestone in my writing career, I couldn’t just write about anything that I enjoy, I had to write about one of the homies that I have been blessed to get to know over my years in music, and that honor goes to none other than Lil Xelly. Xelly has been one of the most consistent artists in the underground, both in terms of releasing music as well as someone I personally listen to quite regularly, and while I wasn’t surprised to see another music video out for us to enjoy, I definitely wanted to put this landmark to good use and write about someone who I am proud to call a homie, as well as someone that I’m a fan of also.

The title of the song is “Greatest”, and while the song itself is yet another all-out hit that shows off Xelly’s dexterity and agility, the KIIRU-directed video is certainly nothing to be overlooked either. Although Xelly keeps things relatively routine in this one as he smokes blunts in the dark of the night, there is something about this ominous aesthetic that combines with the song’s mysterious style that just works so well.

If you’re familiar with the Maryland native, you know that he doesn’t need much to deliver an unforgettable visual, and while this is about as minimal as it gets, it is that much more impressive thanks to Xelly’s compelling charisma and easygoing charm. So there it is, article number 2,000 in the books, and I couldn’t be happier to post it on one of my favorite underground emcees’ latest releases entitled “Greatest”!