Gravity – [Marie Noreger]

“In the process of making my ep Gravity I painted a picture of emotional episodes that I feel like a lot of us can connect to. It starts with “Adore,” the opening track. “Adore” brings up the feeling of having an exposed heart.. being captured in between, fragile and naked.. basically falling in love. “On you” is the second track of the ep, which brings up the feeling of waiting, daydreaming of getting together again. The title really says it all, it´s on you, I´m here waiting on you. But it´s a hopeful kind of waiting. “Eager to feel” is tapping more into introspection, and “Bullshit in disguise” and “Soulfully high” is both songs about how I sometimes view the world. Bs in disguise Is almost like a reality check tbh, like “What dream should I wake up from?” That´s really how I can feel sometimes. The ep ends with the track “Gravity” which brings up a pure yet nostalgic feeling. Your person may not be there anymore but you’re still caring as if they were.. You cherish the moments you got together and the only reason for why you can, is because you found the love within. Even though there is a love story twined in there, I wanted to make the ep more about the inner journey and growth that one can experience after going thru a rough chapter, which in this case is love. What is the “gravity” that holds your life together?” – Marie Noreger

Norwegian artist Marie Noreger makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a thrilling new EP entitled Gravity. Despite being the lone musician in her immediate family, her refined artistry contains a certain level of exquisiteness that’s typically passed over. However, perhaps the alternative talents of her family uniquely meshed within her music, provided insight that her father is a photographer (and was a house-dj in his younger days). Not to mention, her grandmother is a painter, while her aunt is a puppet maker. With a strong 90’s house music influence, the weight of her emotions are frequently intertwined with an array of dazzling instrumentation. Often speaking on raw human experience, the concepts she covers are sung on a macro level to emphasize society & its vast surrounding parts. Utilizing her freelance photography skills, Marie organized the entire project’s artwork and visuals herself, and gathered production from her producer and manager Kim Ofstad. My favorite track off the EP is “Adore,” because Noreger’s rich vocals complement the upbeat house instrumental to a dance-worthy level of enjoyment. All seven tracks are distinctively different, but each one shares the common ‘gravity’ of pure expression in their entirely. Stream Gravity, the latest offering from Marie Noreger below!