Graveyard Girl – [Teen Blush]

While hip-hop is the reason I began writing, I’ve always had somewhat of a soft spot for more alternative, sometimes even poppy music. Part of this is based on the sound itself, of course, but another part of it comes in a different form. When a song can paint a picture of a given emotion, or sometimes even a story, it instantly becomes easier to connect with listeners. One song that does just this is “Graveyard Girl” by Teen Blush.

Low-fi in sound but almost nostalgic in its dusted, ever-so-gentle nature, “Graveyard Girl” rides an illustrative line between nostalgic and slightly ominous. The vocals, subtly impassioned, ride atop the consistent rumble of the guitar riffs, and the songwriting brings the song full circle as a vivid account of Teen Blush’s artistry. Some songs don’t need a music video to paint a picture, and “Graveyard Girl” is one of them.

Peep this one on SoundCloud below!