Gotta Flex – [Dre Pe$o]

Dre Pe$o is a rapper from Inglewood, California that’s coming with a different sound than the typical West Coast rapper. His new single “Gotta Flex” is a record that should be added to every late-night drive playlist. Typically when I hear a West Coast rapper I’m thinking of music with a certain bounce or bop to it. The soundscape is one of the most region-locked sounds but is also what makes it one of the most authentic in hip-hop. Dre Pe$o’s “Gotta Flex” falls under Drake’s “So Far Gone” era of music. For those who don’t remember. These are slow-building rap-centric tracks that also lean on the R&B side for production. A perfect comparison and example of this would be the Drake and Trey Songz record “Successful.” Hopefully, this will serve as an intro to your deep dive into the discography of Dre Pe$o.

Stream Dre Pe$o’s new record “Gotta Flex” for yourself after the break.