Gorilla Talk – [Baby Stone Gorillas]

Emerging as a premiere up-and-coming name on the West Coast right now, the Baby Stone Gorillas have been on an impeccable run as of late, matching consistent releases with a deeply unique sense of artistry that only improves and expands with each new release. Every song has a visual and every verse is rooted in slice-of-life reality, executed in such a way that BSG is able to take listeners from anywhere in the world to their corner of the country — a clear marker of all great regional rap, and an early indicator that BSG is in the process of bringing this sound to audiences far beyond South Central LA. Today, the group hits our pages yet again, this time delivering a new song and visual entitled “Gorilla Talk.”

This release, in particular, has quickly become one of my favorites from the Baby Stone Gorillas to date, specifically in the way that it so vividly captures the unique personality of each artist. The song kicks off with an aspirational verse from Top5ive, rapping about mansions and progress in an alluring way that effectively pairs past realities with future dreams. Second, P4K steps in with the hard-nosed charisma that he’s become known for, letting loose the type of storytelling, street-oriented lines that make every P4K verse ring off like it does. Lastly, offering what has to be one of his best performances yet, 5Much comes in with a melody-soaked verse that ties this song together perfectly, filled with fashion and women-oriented brags that are practically built to be sung by listeners far and wide. Pairing these three, unique takes with breezy, West Coast-tinted production, BSG shows several dimensions of its appeal on “Gorilla Talk,” and does so in a way that continues to prove their consistency and constant artistic growth.

The hard work is paying off with wins rolling in by the day, from OhGeesy and Rucci cosigns to consistent spins on OVO Sound Radio (courtesy of G0HomeRoger) and pictures with Travis Scott. Simply put, BSG is up next, and tracks like “Gorilla Talk” are exactly why.

Check the new video out below and follow the Baby Stone Gorillas on Instagram here.

Music Video Directed by @yourjustntime
Top5ive Hoodie from @officialprevalere
Cover Photo via @jungletographytv