Goosebumps (Remix) – [Travis Scott] x [HVME]

Travis Scott is someone who needs no introduction, a grammy-nominated artist, and someone who has topped the charts for the latter part of the last decade. Serving as an inspiration to thousands who seek to express themselves through music, Travis is certainly someone who will long be remembered long after this era of rap is gone. HVME however is someone with who I just recently became familiar. Hailing from southern Spain, his incorporation of Southern European rave culture into his music is incredible and took me aback on my first listen of the remix of the 2016 hit, Goosebumps¬†with HVME’s EDM fusing through Travis’ vocals. To hear something so familiar be completely changed while keeping the original integrity of the song is awe-striking. In a non-covid world, I can see these songs perfectly-placed beat drops tearing through clubs and festivals. The rising tempo feels perfect for a party or even just a kick-back with friends. Take some time and listen to the new track right here.