Goofiez – [Mother Nature] & [BoatHouse] ft. [Valee]

I’ve mentioned it copiously in the past, but I just always love it when the city of Chicago comes together to create. We have some of the most talented and captivating individuals in the entire world, so when artists come together to put their own unique spins on a song, you always know it’s going to be something crazy. Recently, super duo Mother Nature and hitmaker BoatHouse announced that they were going to be releasing a new project in the near future entitled SZNZ and they’ve even given us a sneak peek of the tape by dropping a couple of singles, so the anticipation for this record couldn’t be any higher.

While I’ve been consistently bumping songs like “Momentz” and “Cloudz” since they released in anticipation of the forthcoming project, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to hear that they decided to drop another single called “Goofiez” with one of my personal favorite Chicago emcees Valee, and the results are just remarkable. Obviously, BoatHouse takes care of the production with some strong, thumping drums, eardrum piercing hats and claps, and some intense, almost sinister synths that create the foundation for an emphatic and assertive banger.

In the hook, it sounds like both Klevah and TRUTH tag team the chorus as you can hear multiple vocals at once, making it sound as if there is an entire crowd reciting the lyrics in unison. For the first verse, the two talented ladies take turns boasting their unbelievable bars, incorporating some trademark attitude along with their very vibrant personalities in order to drop off a part that stands out to me as possibly one of their most entertaining verses to date.

About halfway through, Valee meets them and takes the baton, running all the way to the finish line without even breaking a sweat. While Klevah and TRUTH are known for their more conscious, mind-expanding bars, Valee decides to do what he does best as he flaunts his lavish lifestyle in a way that should impress even the boujee-est of people, yet he seems to be so nonchalant that he’s almost unimpressed with himself, knowing that he’s going to constantly move onto bigger and better things as his career continues to advance.

At the moment, I’m not entirely sure when we can expect SZNZ to be in our laps, but Mother Nature is doing an amazing job of rolling the project out, and I have yet to even think of being disappointed with what they’ve released so far. Each song provides such a different vibe and sound that it’s almost impossible to predict what the cohesive tape is going to sound like, but the only obvious thing is that it’s going to be magnificent. I’ve been a fan of this duo for years, yet they seem to continue to get better with time, so while we wait and see them continue to morph into their final form, make sure you tune into their latest single “Goofiez” featuring Valee.