Ever since I dove deep into the discography that has been meticulously pieced together over the years by 93FEETOFSMOKE a handful of months ago, I have realized that he has to be one of my favorite emcees out right now. He brings this nostalgic sound of pop-punk into the world of hyperpop and new, innovative subgenres that have popped up in this industry recently, but he does so in a way that is never too over the top or outplayed, creating a recipe that seems to be as amazing as I could ever dream of.

At the very end of July, SMOKE dropped his project GOODGRIEF, a 10-song effort that spanned just about 25 minutes long, and it is something that I have listened to pretty much daily ever since, or at I’ve at least run back certain songs that stood out to me more the rest. Although I have made it my mission to try and keep up with his whereabouts since I officially tapped in with him a bit more in-depth, I somehow missed the announcement of a deluxe version of the tape.

In fact, I only found out about it when I saw that he dropped a music video for a new SMOKE and Aaron Osborne-produced song called “Alien” that was directed by himself and Nick Bailey, prompting me to head over to his Spotify as well, so I was completely pleasantly surprised. This addition to the album gives us 6 news songs and almost 20 more minutes of music, most of which are remixes to songs that already existed while one is an acoustic version of his record “Nightmare” featuring guardin.

In fact, the only non-remix or second version of a song on this project is the aforementioned hit “Alien”, but even if the remixes were songs that you already loved, you’ve never heard them like this. I am always here for deluxe projects because even if I had high. Admiration for the original, I’ll always take more music. Plus, extra records can only make the original better because there is nothing that can really be included in an extended tape that could possibly make it any worse. Luckily, 93FEETOFSMOKE is a master in his craft, and these remixes truly elevated GOODGRIEF to levels that I never could have imagined, and my excitement towards this new release is rejuvenated thanks to this prolonged project.