GoodEvil – [Luke Bar$]

In music, emotional connection is a main component of longevity. If listeners feel what you’re saying as opposed to just hearing it, they’re more likely to stick around, and furthermore, more likely to spend the time and grow with a given album. One way to achieve such is to document a slice of life; bring listeners directly into your world, from the sights and sounds all the way to the emotions, the ambitions, and even the dangers. One artist who’s found his way around this concept better than nearly anyone I’ve heard as of late is Luke Bar$. Today, the man himself is here to give people a taste of life in Brockton, Massachusetts, as presented with his brand new project, GoodEvil.

Spanning across 8 tracks and 25 minutes, GoodEvil is the internal battle of a kid just trying to figure it out, balancing the temptations of his surroundings with an ingrained moral compass. Sincere and constantly in thought, listeners watch the journey sway from darker moments to lighter, sometimes taking questionable steps but never losing track of the course. With lines like “this world never meant for me,” Bar$ looks at things with a chip on his shoulder — an almost outside perspective, if you will, guided by soulful bouts of introspection and the constant influence of his external environment. Each track presents a different angle on Luke’s life, and on what this life means in general, while the driving force of the project remains a promising young kid, just trying to navigate through it all.

There are some projects with only a few good songs worth revisiting, but GoodEvil is a piece that requires a complete listen-through to feel its full impact. Luke Bar$ is bringing listeners from all over into his world, and couldn’t have done a better, more thoughtful job in doing so. Stream GoodEvil below: