good grief – [aldn]

Out of all of the tastemakers and trendsetters in the newer generation of music, I think it is pretty safe to say that aldn is an absolute visionary. Considering he handles pretty much everything from vocals to production and almost everything else in between, he has his hands on everything in the trenches, and I think this is a major reason why he has been able to create such unique yet completely compelling sounds over the years.

He is one of my personal favorites, and that comes without any sort of bias considering I don’t actually know him personally, but I just love to support great music and incredible talents, and I think he is the epitome of these things, which is definitely clear on his latest project good grief which just dropped yesterday. It seems as if aldn spoils us with so many different songs that seem to only get more creative and entertaining as time goes on, and whether he is showcasing a softer, more introspective sound or a much more grand, epic movement with pulsating drums and electric synths, he is in the driver’s seat and I’m just grateful to be a passenger in his car.

This project, like many of his others, is relatively short and sweet, boasting 7 songs that clock in just short of 19 minutes long, but the composition and flow that he pulls off is nothing short of spectacular. With two features in Verzache and carolesdaughter, they’re able to provide some fresh sounds while elevating the all-around spectacle that aldn is the ringleader of.

I always say that it’s hard to imagine aldn getting any better than he already is, but he proves me wrong every time he drops something new, with good grief being the most recent example. This means that if you consider yourself a fan of the newly turned 21-year-old, wish him a happy birthday and give this unbelievable project a listen as soon as you possibly can!