Goner – [Larry League]

By sticking to their guns, never compromising their eclectic creative vision, and mastering the art of consistency, it comes as no surprise that Larry League has established themselves as some of the most promising young artists in the game right now. That being said, this group of Atlanta stars is back to take over headlines today with their brand new music video for the License To Larry standout song, “Goner”. Produced by none other than their genius behind the boards, SenseiATL, this track transports listeners to a place of melodic, lush sounds, capped off by infectious flows and memorable hooks that refuse to keep off of repeat. Complementing this specific aesthetic, the music video takes listeners into a colorful club atmosphere of triumph and excitement – two feelings that define “Goner” as a song and two feelings which, when blessed with visuals, come out as both artful and infectious in their own ways. Be sure to click play on this one below and keep on the lookout for more from Larry League in the near future!