Goldenchild – [Blackyouth]

Known for supplying menacingly hard beats for some of Indianapolis’ recent trap pioneers, producer and rapper blackyouth dropped his new solo-project this week. “goldenchild” dives deeper into the sound that the Midwest artist has built his name off of so far. Dark and dizzying, blackyouth has cooked up a compilation of club and radio-ready trap cuts with a sinister edge—a style that’s equally gloomy and lit. Highlights include the track “Want It Got It,” fueled by extremely minimal production that consists merely of a dominating baseline, some rolling hi-hats and a eerily quiet synth looping in the background. “goldernchild” ends with a bang on the song “NRG UP.” Skyrocketing off an unforgettable gunshot-infused beat drop, this heavily distorted cut is a final minute of pure unexpected fire.