Goin’ Hyphy – [Shitty Boyz]

As time goes on and the music industry shifts, I feel like groups are starting to fade away more than they ever have before. Certain tag teams and collectives are either going their separate ways, pursuing individual careers, or enter into other endeavors that put an end to the unit once and for all. I mean, there are even very believable reports going around about how Offset left Migos, and while Quavo and Takeoff are making music on their own without the third member of the trio, it seems like these whispers may in fact be true.

I get that it has to be difficult to keep similar mindsets and goals as you begin to blow, but it doesn’t make this trend any less factual, so when I come across a clique that stays together, I jump at the opportunity to listen. Shitty Boyz is one of the last true groups that I can think of, and while BabyTron might be the most recognized of the three emcees, once you hear them all together on the same track, you understand how powerful and harmonized they have as an entity.

I would also be remised if I didn’t mention how even though TrDee and StanWill might not get the respect they certainly deserve, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they really are two of the most gifted and creative emcees in the entire industry, which is abundantly clear on the group’s latest single “Goin’ Hyphy” that comes equipped with a Robby Visuals-shot video as well. Ahead of their upcoming project Trifecta 2 which comes out this Friday, BabyTron kicks things off to begin with, using the more laid-back production to truly emphasize his imaginative wordplay and dynamic flows.

This sentiment doesn’t get lost as the song continues, because their chemistry is palpable as soon as TrDee literally finishes one of Tron’s sentences, grabbing the baton and running with it until it’s time to pass it off to StanWill for one final verse that perfectly rounds out this remarkable record. Whether you’re cruising in the car, smoking a blunt, or hitting up the next kickback, you are not going to want to finish that activity without giving “Goin’ Hyphy” a spin to get the vibes right.