Goin Back – [SoFaygo]

After quite some time deliberating and keeping fans on the edge of their seats, SoFaygo finally dropped off Pink Heartz, his long-awaited and highly anticipated album. This effort boasts 16 songs, some new and some singles that we’ve had the pleasure of listening to before, but regardless, we have about 53 minutes of new music from the Atlanta by way of Grand Rapids emcee, and I couldn’t be more excited. It has already been out for a few weeks, and while I haven’t necessarily listened to it on repeat, I am undeniably thrilled to have it in our hands and listen at our leisure because Faygo never disappoints whatsoever.

Oftentimes when I’m listening to a new album, I enjoy all of the sounds and new content, but I find myself overlooking the main theme of particular tracks because of the entire scope of the surrounding album, so I honestly didn’t quite realize the meaning behind “Goin Back”. Thankfully, my eyes were opened to the song’s narrative after Faygo teamed up with Declan Kyle to shoot a music video for the hit track, and I was actually able to appreciate the narrative that the emcee had in mind while bringing this record to life.

In this one, we are given a mixture of shots displaying Faygo inside and around a lavish estate that anyone would wish to even walk through, let alone own. Dispersed throughout the rest of the film, though, are clips showing the rapper actually going back to his roots as he walks back into his childhood home, finds the microphone in his bedroom that he most likely used to record in, and appreciates all the steps that he has taken to come so far in his career.

I’m honestly not entirely sure if this is actually his childhood home or if it is a recreation, but knowing SoFaygo’s authenticity, he pulled out all the stops and made sure to avoid any shortcuts whatsoever. With that being said, the music video for “Goin Back” is a stroll down memory lane for Faygo just as much as it is a look inside of the place that he came from for fans to enjoy, so this is definitely not something you’ll want to miss out on if you consider yourself a huge fan of the Atlanta songsmith.