GO – [TeamLilStraw] [SKE Glizzy]

Of all of the raw talent in my hometown of Nashville, TeamLilStraw has been one of my very favorite rising underground artists in the state of Tennessee, bursting onto the scene in 2017 with his “The Race” remix that first established him as an artist and shortly after following it up with his self-produced hit “Extra” that lit the city on fire and stands as one of the most successful songs to come from the city in the entirety of the 2010’s. The closest thing we have gotten to a project yet from TeamLilStraw was his six-track EP “Cautious” that honed Straw’s unbridled energy and rabid delivery and since he has been stingy with releasing his songs but keeping his name hot nonetheless with well over a dozen trillers that go locally viral every time they drop. His newest video “GO” features Ske Glizzy f.k.a. Iszy who has been immensely consistent in his own right since getting out of jail late last year and went straight to flooding the city with his music shortly thereafter, my favorite releasing being “Just Kame Home” where he floats over the downtrodden production, giving insight to his mental state after being released, dealing with the subsequent probation, and lamenting the deaths of those close to him. I really hope we get more music from this duo and I cannot wait for the day when TeamLilStraw drops his debut tape as he has always been the heartbeat of Nashville’s youthful rap scene to me in many ways.