Go – [$NOT]

I feel like with every single new release from $NOT, I find myself consistently enjoying him more and more. I’m just overwhelmed at the fact that he’s seriously one of the most dexterous, versatile artists in the entire music industry, and while way too many people sleep on him, in my personal opinion, his real fans know exactly what kind of skill he brings to the table. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing him live for the second time (my first time being during his insane set at the Summer Smash), and it’s safe to say that his live shows don’t disappoint whatsoever.

He had the crowd jumping from the front to the back, getting each and every fan there into every song he performed before even jumping into the crowd and getting a first-hand look at the chaos that was going down in this hoard of people. He also performed a few unreleased songs that got me excited for what is to come, and even though I typically don’t love when artists perform unreleased songs because it can be hard to get into them live without knowing the words or the rhythm, I made an exception for $NOT after hearing some of the fire he has in his back pocket.

I even got a chance to link up with him and introduce myself, and despite the fact that he’s a rock star in every sense of the word, he’s honestly a chill, super nice guy as well! I couldn’t wait to hear more new music from the man himself, so when I woke up this morning and saw that he dropped a song entitled “Go” alongside a Jack Rottier-directed music video, I was beyond ecstatic. This one shows off his versatility once again as he is given a beat full of high energy, frantic synths, resounding 808s, and piercing percussion that gives him the opportunity to go off the rails.

When he does come in, he is in attack mode as he just picks the instrumental apart with his aggressive and lively delivery, showing us another, more enthusiastic yet assertive side of himself that I definitely hope to hear more of in the future. This past weekend just further confirmed my thoughts about $NOT being a superstar, and “Go” is yet another reason as to why I think this, so make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible new release for even another second.