Go Getter – [Argonaut & Wasp]

Culture is cyclical. As trends come and go, we often see their influence resurface over time, revitalizing a seemingly “lost” sound, fashion, or style in a new and refreshing way. One example of such is Argonaut & Wasp. Often taking inspiration from older, electronic and pop-induced sounds, the group finds structure in influence and creativity in the electrifying twists and turns that sprout from such. As a result, their sound never seems to get old, just as they’ve shown us yet again with a brand new song, “Go Getter.”

Balancing a mesmeric synth line with the constant knocking of the drums, “Go Getter” looks, sounds, and feels like a wave of color washed over the listener. On one hand, the production lays out an ever-growing base of energy, while on the other, the vocals seem to weave themselves into this fabric, arriving as one with each successive note of instrumentation. Blending these elements together, the song takes shape as a reinvigorated take on a classic, New Order-esque sound, leaving “Go Getter” as an easy listen, and one chock full of replay value.

That said, as they continue to build out such an eccentric sound, it’s clear that Argonaut & Wasp are onto something. Don’t sleep — be sure to stream the new song below!